NaturalFerm Probiotic Youghurt Culture
  • NaturalFerm Probiotic Youghurt Culture

NaturalFerm Probiotic Youghurt Culture

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NaturalFerm® yoghurt starter culture for 1-2 L of milk. 

Making yogurt at home.

Freeze-dried culture, high quality.

For making 1 liter of soft, natural, living yogurt

Heat the milk to 80-85 ° C and then cool it back to 42 ° C (heat treatment and crashing of whey protein)

Remove the culture from the refrigerator and warm up it a bit in about 10 minutes, mix it with half a cup of lukewarm milk, then mix it with the rest of your milk. Keep the milk at 40 ° C for approx. 2-5 hours.

Incubating can be done in a yoghurt making machine, or with heat insulation.

After 2-5 hours, put the finished yogurt in the refrigerator and let it rest in the cold for a few more hours.

In the fridge, our yogurt stays for two to three weeks.